Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Bored Meeting

After all the morning chores were done, I tried my first run through of my lines. I did the best job of it to date. I hit only 2 blocks. That’s hugely motivational. I’m determined to go through it all day and, hopefully, for the first time ever, to do all 800 words correctly—with no blocks.

I must have gone through it 10 times yesterday. I failed to do it without a block. However, this morning, I hit only 1 block. I was thrilled. I’m certain I will get through it without a mistake today. The first 600 words go exceptionally well; I hit no blocks. So, tomorrow I will start on the next section—another 238 words. 

When I get those 238 words memorized, I’ll know 1,040 words by heart. That’s 61% of the monologue and I’ll have 672 words left to memorize. I expect I’ll have the entire script memorized by the end of March, but I’ll have lots of blocks. But I’m sure I can get it out perfectly by the end of April. And the shows are in May.

I walked her Highness in the hood yesterday morning because of the deep(ish) snow and then I came home to memorize and to start my next Guido Brunetti novel. By 11:00 am, the sun was trying its hardest to break through the clouds, and it was 3°. So, the snow and cold is over. We go back to building up to Springtime.

Today is cloudy, but the clouds are thin. But it’s cold. It’s -2° and rain is predicted for later in the day. Oh, please let it rain! The rest of the week is predicted to me much milder—afternoon temperatures of 8°.

I have a clinic board meeting this morning, and then I am free to read and run my lines.

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