Monday, March 20, 2023

Geeking Out

Sunday was another lovely day. It wasn’t bright and sunny, as was Saturday, but it was warm and walking Sheba was an absolute delight. 

The day began with Zooming with my BC stuttering group, and then Her Highness and I went walking. And after that, I came home to review my monologue a few times, and to just chill. After all, it was Sunday, my ‘do whatever I want’ day.

Watching Call the Midwife, Sanditon and Marie Antoinette, all on PBS, was a lovely way to end the day on the couch, by the fire and with all three pets around me.

I still hit blocks, but they are disappearing. All the words are solid, so over the next week, I expect the blocks to disappear. I have not rehearsed the last few hundred words nearly as often as I have the first 1,300. I never block in the first 1,300, so I am confident that I will be perfect when the time comes. 

But I’m wondering if they’ll even do the festival. I have heard nothing and the last time I spoke to the two directors, they were kind of worried about the other monologues. They were working with the authors to get them to performance quality, and they may not make muster. If it doesn’t happen, I won’t care. I wrote it, I was accepted and learned it. I’m chuffed by that.

The science geek within is having fun on Facebook. 

I had absolutely no interest in FB, but I had to join for my work with the clinic. And since I joined, I thought I might as well do some posts, but I did not want to say anything personal at all, so instead, I started posting science geeky things. I took several science courses at UBC, but I was an arts faculty member. I’ve always loved astronomy and geology, and so my posts are largely from those fields. And I’m getting a lot of likes and notes of appreciation. What fun!

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