Saturday, March 11, 2023

Just Memorizing, Endless Memorizing

I do the entire 2,300 words with just 2 blocks, I go to bed, and then I get up and have 6 bocks. It’s so frustrating. So today will be another day of endless repetition of this giant mess of words. That’s my only plan for the day, plus a bit of shopping.

It’s a nice day today, there are fluffy white clouds but lots of blue sky. The entire week has been a lovely one. It’s been nice enough to do yard work, but all I want to do is rehearse. I’m afraid yard work and getting wood for next Winter will have to wait until after the show.

I have officially become the manager of the Foundation’s mailing list. It’s a rather complex job, and technically very demanding. But other tasks I do will likely soon become the duty of the new administrative coordinator that we have hired.

Tonight, the clocks go back and tomorrow morning the darkness will be back for a long time because I get up so early. But it will be light later and that is thrilling because it feels so Spring-like to have light lasting later in the day.

I’m getting ready to go back to Vancouver. I get a free trip because I have an appointment at St. Paul’s in the afternoon. It’s a 2-hour appointment that will require a lot of talking, plus I’m having lunch with Robin before the appointment, and dinner with John, Bunny, Leslie and Shirley. Then I come home on Wednesday, and I have the entire rest of the week to recover.

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