Thursday, March 9, 2023

Heart is Strong

All week, I was writing back and forth to Leslie, who went through Nanaimo yesterday on her way to her father’s place in Duncan. We were making plans to meet up for lunch and a walk together with our dogs. On Tuesday, I wrote to ask her when and where she wanted to meet, and made a recommendation, but I never heard back from her. So, we didn’t meet up.

It was such a gorgeous Spring-like day, I would have loved to have seen her and had lunch together. Something might have come up in her planning, but I, of course, worry that my speech puts people off. I’m sure I’ll get an explanation at some point, but I left for the big island sad to be missing her.

I left home early so that I could do some shopping ahead of the appointment. When I got to the hospital, there was not a single parking space free in any of the parking lots, nor was there a place anywhere on nearby streets. I wound up parking in the parking lot of the eye clinic where I had my appointments before cataract surgery.

But the appointment went well. All signs are good and I don't have another appointment until a year from now. Plus, I found out both cardiac 'blocks' were due to my pacemaker and were not a failure on the part of my heart. The technician feels confident that my pacemaker is now finally tuned. 

When I was done, I couldn’t get home quick enough, and onto the couch. I was totally beat. Doing something like going to Nanaimo to go to the clinic and to do shopping is tiring for me now. Bloody hell, I am old.

I did not one second of memorizing yesterday, so that’s my ambition for today. Nothing new here.

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