Sunday, March 12, 2023

More Memory Testing

Still short of perfect on the first 1300, one block has disappeared. I need someone to rehearse with next. To do it without a script in front of me. I hope to find 5 people who will come here for tea and biscuits and to do 2-3 runs through of the script, with them on book and me, standing. 

I haven’t worked this hard on something for a long, long time. I think my last show was twelve years ago. There’s a lot more work ahead—much, much more. Memorizing is mesmerizing. It’s a bit like a puzzle and a bit like a game. That’s what if feels like. Monologues are a serious challenge. I feel, a bit, like an amateur whose first show is the Olympics. 

The last newsletter was a monster hit, so I would like to maintain engagement. I have pitched topics for the next 2 newsletters. For #3 I’m proposing to write a personal editorial about my experience as a volunteer and board member, linked to a donation request. And I hope that we can announce a new doctor in the Fall edition. There’s a chance.

I am functioning as the chair of the CMF committee But we are about to change into an organization that has an active fundraising program. Don, leads our fundraising, and he is a member of the same committee as me. I forced Dyan to come back as chair by refusing the role, and it’s right that she be chair, with Don and I reporting to her. I do memberships and communications; he does the fundraising.

We’re a good team. I like and deeply respect my partners. And I think that I have found the correct formula for our newsletters: Single topic, interesting, donation pitch tied to topic. All of it true, interpreted and shared (mostly) in my words—words that I don’t have to memorize. 

Today is another sunny day. It’s been a remarkably lovely and bright week. Starting Wednesday, it’s predicted to be sunny and 12°. I’ll take that!

Today I will, duh, be memorizing a lot, but I may also do some raking of the front yard. Pinecone Park is looking haggard. There is a ton of work to do, but all I can do is memorize. 

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