Sunday, March 19, 2023

Day of Rest

I had an exhilarating day yesterday! I was high on the sense of surety I have about the monologue, and I spent lots of time outdoors cleaning up the courtyard that I see out my glass back doors from my desk, and it is. Just so, so uplifting to look out and see a tidy yard.

It was sunny and warm (15°!), and the air felt so fresh and fragrant. My neighbours on the north side were gone for the weekend and, of course, Merrill and Leo’s house is now empty, so I had no one overlooking me as I worked. I feel better when the yard looks healthy and cared for. What a great, great day! But man-oh-man, do I tire and overheat easily. I slept 9.5 hrs. last night.

And now it’s Sunday again, my day of rest. I’m not going on the big dog walk today because I have a Zoom meeting with my BC stuttering group. And the remainder of the day will be spent rehearsing my lines aloud, tidying the back deck and reading. 

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