Thursday, March 30, 2023

Just Happy!

Wednesday was another glorious day. Temperatures reached 17° in the afternoon. I revelled in my work cleaning up Pinecone Park at a comfortable pace and in such fine weather. There are Croci, Daffs, Hellebores and Azaleas abloom all around the yard. It felt very, very good to be outside all day.

I started on my driveway—it’s a big driveway. I could park a dozen cars on it. There was a ton of stuff to rake up and then load into the wheelbarrow and dump in the forest—it’s all forest fall, there is no garbage, so dumping it in the forest (on my land) is fine. Also, I broke apart an old fence that was rotting on the side of my property. 

My stamina is nothing like it was when I moved here and landscaped the entire yard. I was thoroughly beat by the time I finished. So, I had a lovely long quiet soak in the spa before coming inside for a bit of reading, then dinner and then a movie. 

Today’s goal is to clean up the front yard, run my lines lots of times, and to ferry Sheba to her groomer to be washed, clipped, and lightly scented with l’aux des anges.  

I’m over feeling bad about quitting the Foundation/clinic. I am so relaxed that my speech is getting quite good again. I loved being active today, and I love having nothing to do all day every day. Spas are back in my life, as is resting, reading, and best of all, I don’t think about the clinic all the time anymore. And I hardly get any emails. It’s wonderful. 

So, today will me more yard work, and then, tomorrow, when the rains return, I’ll work hard on the blocks of my monologue.

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