Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Good Numbers!

The graphic above is from the homepage of Canada Helps, the donation website for Canadian charities. As you can see, we raised 2 grand in the previous 24 hours. That’d be due to the ask in thew newsletter. I’m chuffed and the board members are very happy. 

Yesterday was a great day of memorizing. I still love doing it, but the blocks are hard to overcome. I was happy enough of my progress to start on the next 250 words. The day went very well! I now have almost 70% of my script memorized. There’s only 500 words left to memorize. I can do this.

The snow is gone except for piles on roadsides left by the snowplows. We’re back to cool, dark and damp weather, for the most part, but as I write it is clearing up and becoming bright. I’ll spend the day memorizing and reading. I’m close to 1,300 words memorized. I cannot believe it. There’s only 400 more to go and it’s March 7 and I have until at least mid-May to get it all down perfectly.

I’ll also take time today to solicit more interest in my LGBTQ+ party to help support the Foundation. The responses have been so positive! It’s very encouraging. But I am now focused on finding some women to be part of the planning team.

Orchids are the most anthropomorphic of flowers. Here is some photographic proof:

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