Saturday, March 25, 2023

Festival On!

The Monologue Festival is on. Our tech rehearsals will be on June 1, and there’ll be an evening show on June 2nd, and we’ll do a matinée on the 3rd at a hall called James Bay New Horizons right in downtown Victoria. This is not a professional production. It’s very much community theatre, but I’m looking forward to a unique and somewhat exciting experience. 

I’m not in a great space. I’m troubled and I’m taking the weekend to chill, rehearse, read and to think about how to resolve my current discomforting state of mind. Bruce called me on FaceTime to chat. He is in Florence. It was really lovely talking to him. It reminded me that I have good friends and that this troubled state of mind will pass. 

It’s quite cold this morning, and cloudy. Next week is predicted to be sunny and mild, but the weekend will be about staying warm and cozy indoors.

I did it again. 

Late last year, I discovered an error in one of Martin Walker’s books. I wrote to his blog asking for help in understanding a paragraph that did not make sense. I also mentioned that one change would make the paragraph work: changing the name of the character quoted in the paragraph. 

Mr. Walker wrote back to thank me for letting him know and in his email he listed all the people, by job, not by name, who missed the error I found.

Well, this time it was Donna Leon. 

The scene involved Bruno going to interview a gangster businessman. Bruno arrives at the home and is greeted by a domestic staff person who walks Bruno to his boss who is in his elegant home office. Ms. Leon writes that the domestic exits, gently closing the door, and that the gangster is alone. 

They of course start talking and half-way through the conversation, there’s suddenly another person in the room who says two things and then is never mentioned again. It’s clearly the gangster who is talking. We know by what he says. It’s as though a universal search-and-replace action on the part of Ms. Leon missed two mentions of a former name given to the gangster.

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