Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Morning "News"

I don't subscribe to the newspaper. Nor do I watch the news on TV anymore. I quite because I refuse to believe that "news" is only what is horrid and awful. There is good news happening everywhere all the time but none gets reported. What does it say about us that we accept that "news" must be of the bad variety?

Still, national issues permeate my consciousness—filtere, however, by the perspective of the bloggers I read. And this morning I learned from my blog reading that Joan Rivers may have died from an unanticipated procedure on her vocal cords that they discovered when preparing to do whatever she'd gone in for. That gave me shivers considering there is something woefully wrong with my cords and soon I will be having people fiddling with mine.

I was also exposed in my morning reading to numerous editorials about the NFL Commissioner and his handling of the Ray Rice wife-beating incident (an entirely disgusting affair). My response to the public outcry against the NFL for not being harsh enough, soon enough, is anger over the hypocrisy of this public concern weighed against the HORRID treatment of women in so many music videos—particularly rap videos.

Honestly! We support a musical culture where women are "hos" (or however you spell their version of "whores") and men where sleeveless cotton  jersey's called "wife beaters," and we wonder why NFL players beat women?

How can people allow what I see in music videos to go on? Remember apaché dancing? You don't see that anymore. It's not enough to stop violence against women in the NFL. It's bullying and it has to be stopped everywhere. And while we're at it… let's stop men'd violence against men as well.

Acts of violence are acceptable only as a tool for defence. And when used for defence, it must be appropriate to the threat and that seems to be a problem for many police officers ,not just NFL players.

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