Monday, September 22, 2014

Pacific Voice Clinic, Here I Come!

What do people who are going to be executed feel the night before they are killed? What do heralded nominees feel the night before the Academy Awards?

I the night before the positive results of my HIV test, I felt no different than usual. I went through my shock the day I heard from my then partner that he was HIV positive. My confirming diagnosis did not affect me, but it sure affected my doctor.

Perhaps the biggest 'night before" I have ever experienced was the night before my first play opened. I was the producer and commissioner. It was my idea and I spent almost $70 grand on it.

Well tonight, I am in quite a state as I await my first visit to the Pacific Voice Clinic. I will be seeing the director, Dr. Morrison. Woo fucking hoo!
Provides highly specialized assessment, diagnosis and treatment for problems of the voice and larynx (voice box). Clinic staff include speech-language pathologists; medical specialists with advanced training in problems of the "Ears, Nose and Throat," psychiatrists, neurologists; and voice-teacher specialists. If a medical or surgical treatment is required, the appropriate prescriptions, referrals or surgical steps will be offered. Directed by Dr. Murray Morrison, laryngologist. Houses the Provincial Voice Care Resource Program.

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