Friday, September 19, 2014

Why the Network Night Went Well, Part Two

  • The title: Uncle Gus' Monkey rocks as a title, as I mentioned in my last post. (Warren's idea.)
  • We have a finished script that went through many, many versions as a play before becoming a screenplay. It became clear as the evening progressed, that many writers pitch ideas and want to be paid to write. That is not us.
  • We do not  belong to the Writers Guild of Canada or the Writers Guild of America and that is clearly an advantage for us. Union screenwriters have proscribed fees that are high.
  • The title.
  • The producers want marketable scripts and given how many times Lifetime and Hallmark were mentioned; it likes sentimentality, redemption and coming of age.It also likes biography. Uncle Gus' Monkey feels like a great product.
  • Warren and I think alike. Last night was a first for both of us; we are complete novices as pitchers of a screenplay. But I discovered last night, we both are into this for the experience, not money.
  • We are getting an idea of our budgetary ambition. Our script is a million dollar project. Imagine that. Because it is period and so costumes and involves a lot of sets, that is where we likely are at. A big budget to me but small to the industry and a sizeable challenge.

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