Friday, September 5, 2014


I went for a fabulous fun brunch with theatre friends this morning. We met at the Sylvia Hotel. Then I went to Daniel's to get some delicious dark chocolates to take to friend, R., who had part of his kidney removed on Wednesday. Then I came home and there was a phone message from Lois.

Lois is the receptionist at the Pacific Voice Clinic. She got the letter I mailed on Wednesday after failing to secure an appointment whilst with Dr. Dorscheid and has an appointment for me on Sept. 23rd at 10:30. I am so butch, I cried when I heard her message.

It's been such a long haul to get this appointment. I begged in my letter. I actually used that verb and explained I have three-hour lectures to deliver and a role in a play coming and that without a voice it was all going to end. I have been euphoric ever since.

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