Sunday, September 21, 2014

Joy Oh Joy, My Left Foot

Today required I profit of the weather. It was 25° when I passed a thermometer near Granville Island. I walked for four hours in the most beautiful city in the world on yet another "best day ever." One bonus is that at this point in the year, my walking muscles are in top form so I can walk forever.

I wore different shoes and wondered if my left food would give out so often like yesterday, but pure heavenly joy and comfort there today, I was thrilled to discover.

When I got home, sadly, my magnificent Big Mamma (guppy) had died. (There is a lot of death in my fish world.) So I am hoping the many babies that are growing up in the tank are hers and inherit her magnificent form. She was the ultimate alpha female.

When I walk I have what I can only call epiphanies. They are milliseconds long, but in those glimpses of ecstasy, I feel such bliss because of the sunshine, warmth and the smell of the ocean. They are extremely intense; so intense as to be unsupportable, I imagine, if prolonged. It feels like the kind of moment religious zealots feel from their faiths. My faith is nature.

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