Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seawall Saturday

A stunning day for the seawall. I figure I have walked it almost 60 times; that is 650+ kilometres. And today, like every time I walk this walk, I think it is the finest day and walk I have ever had. But it began rough. I woke up and soon afterwards, had a migraine. This is a new pattern: Morning migraines.

My neck hurts and I cancelled my physio this week to meet with Warren. One foot hurts, I have no  voice and the migraine leaves me with a lingering mild headache. I am old. I had to stop often today, to let my foot recover. So sad, I am.

But the sunshine is glorious and I am enjoying reading the book I am reading. It isn't literature, but it's a page turner of sorts that got decent reviews. Thank God for good books when you have lots of time on your hands. And thank God for books given the current state of television and movies.

Thee more sleeps until my first appointment with the Voice Clinic. New glasses next week. Word from Praxis the week after that. Good times, weak body.

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