Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

  • The photo above is my friend Davina's mother, Stella, and her grandson, Steve.
  • I am rocking my diet. I weighed myself this morning: 78.4 kilograms. Two weeks ago I weighed 81.2 K. Pretty good eh?!
  • There are 460,000 people in BC with speech/voice/language problems and there is one clinic. I am confident that speech therapy I am in for will improve my voice, but I think it may be an issue for the rest of my life—and that is okay.
  • I have proposed to friends that we take an Alaska Cruise together next summer for a novel lark.
  • Tonight I go to see the always incredible Jillian Fargey in a play, Since You Left Us,  at Presentation House.

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