Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Day After

Am I six years old, or sixty-six? I am feeling a little child-like in my response to yesterday's diagnosis. First of all, I realize now that I was hoping for a pill or a botox shot that would end everything. I got the idea of these solutions from reading the voice clinic website.

I took a type-written sheet of history with me to the clinic yesterday. It practically began with the statement: "I don't have GERD (gastro-esphogeal reflux disease)." After looking in my nose and down my throat and prodding of my neck muscles, Dr. Morrison showed me a video. It is called: "But doctor, I don't have acid reflux." So now I know a lot of people with acid reflux have no symptoms.

I have to stop talking about and blogging about my voice now and get on with things. Warren comes this afternoon to start Draft Two of Uncle Gus's Monkey and in less than a week we will hear if it has been accepted at Praxis.

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