Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thursday: Rosh Hashanah

Life is returning to normal. Warren came and we started work on Draft Two of our screenplay. It is wonderful fulfilling work and I am thrilled with the improvements we are making—all of them from Warren. I balk and some and we negotiate some, but every place he wants a change, we change.

Although a brilliant partner, Warren has been a frustrating partner. He has been poor about communicating and I have sometimes felt disrespected, so today I explained that and his response was perfect and clearly sincere. It was so good to clear the air and continue to grow the relationship of which I am so proud.

In a week we hear if we get the workshop from SFU/Praxis/Whistler Film Festival. We hope to finish their draft quickly so that regardless of the outcomes of that competition, we have a script we feel we can send to Out TV and a friend in L.A. for a read down there. I am loving the journey.

Warren is Jewish and today is Rosh Hashanah, so I sent him a link to the video above.
Voice Update: I've been humming but no diet changes yet. It is too soon. I am still absorbing. But one pill down; 89 to go. First speech therapy session October 16th. Already I sense noticeable improvement.

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