Thursday, September 18, 2014

Getting It Made

Tonight Warren and I are attending Getting It Right. It will be interesting for two reasons: One, it will be our my experience with film professionals. Warren has been in many films as an actor, but for me this will be a new experience altogether. And two: I can barely speak so Warren will have to be our spokesperson.

Does light make you sneeze? It does me. Like 18% - 35% of the population (differing in different cultures), I sneeze, often many times, due to a naso-ocular reflex to bright light and it affects my allergies which produces mucus and that exacerbates my voice problem. So, $1,000 later, I have my third pair of prescription glasses. This pair goes dark in light to reduce my reflex for the sake of my voice. The things I am learning.

Fall is like the Pied Piper. It arrives full of warmth and promise and then it leaves and takes everybody with it leaving me alone with winter. Bruce leaves today for England. He comes home to do one show, then returns to Europe for three months. Stephen is going to Asia for four months. Edwin and Jude go to Hawaii and Palm Springs for the winter.

That's what I started doing when I first retired. I went to India and Africa twice but now my passport sleeps in a box in my locker. But with a warm and dry winter predicted, I am fine with being here. Besides, I cannot imagine dealing with all that goes with international travel with no voice.

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