Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Diagnosis and Treatment

Well, here's what I have learned today:
  • My vocal folds and throat are healthy!
  • The muscles around my larynx are stretched so tight I cannot speak. The causes are all contained in the acronym "ALERT": A=Anatomy; L=Lifestyle; E=Emotions; R=Reflux and T= Technique. Dr. Morrison thinks my issues are L., E., T. and R.
  • L = cutting back on carbonated drinks and avoiding fat, spices, garlic and onions. Oh, and oxygen (kidding).
  • E =  I am seeing a speech therapist who specializes in emotional issues involved with dysphonia (speech problems). She's a shrink.
  • R = medications that are NASTY. Dr. Morrison wants me to take it for three months.
  • T = I start speech therapy at VGH's Voice Clinic on October 1st with a second (different) speech therapist
  • Hmmmm: I am to hum before speaking. 
  • Squish: If I push my thumb into my throat on the right side, my voice is MUCH clearer than if I do not do it.

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