Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Hugely Rewarding Night

My show is in the "last but not least" position.
It plays June 4 - 14. 
What a night. I went to see a fabulous new play by first-time playwright, Susinn McFarlen. It is called Since You Left Us, and it is moving and funny. Wonderful acting, a great set and good direction; a thoroughly wonderful night. Colleen Wheeler Erla Faye Forsythe, Jillian Fargey and Mike Wasko delivered  outstanding work.

Ego Alert: At the concession, as DR and I were getting our drinks, the bar tender told us about the upcoming season and did a wonderful and touching ad about my play. Then, in the speech before the show wherein the speaker tells us to turn off our phones, he said we had a special guest—me—and he advertised my upcoming show!

A fabulous show, a spectacular cast and being made to feel, personally, so welcome in a theatre. That is as good as life gets.

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