Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labour Day

Monday brought an unexpected weather bonus. Rain had been predicted but it held off. Instead we got a beautifully warm day with high overcast clouds that was perfect for walking. So, at 11:15 I headed out to Nat Bailey Stadium to meet my friend Kelly and watch the final game of the Canadians baseball season (and eat junk food).

I really enjoy going to baseball games—well, one or two a season. I am not a huge fan of baseball itself. Rather, I love the experience of being at a game with friends. It's a really fun way to visit with friends, especially, like yesterday, when "we" win.

One thing though, with my voice problem, I clearly cannot get excited. On a fabulous double play, I shrieked with amazement and after had no voice at all for about five minutes. (Thank God that today I see Dr. Dorscheid, the pulmonologist I am so fond of, to finally get a referral to an E.N.T.)

Almost a full house.

The pitchers of both teams were fabulous.
 Walking home I passed a newly opened storefront shop on Marinaside Quay near the east end of Davie. It is very close to my place and a route I take often.

This place has been under construction forever and the sign said it was opening this summer. Well it just made it. It opened this past week and there were line ups for days. And not just line ups, but line ups of terrible well-heeled people for the most part. Lots of expensive cars were parked with people inside waiting for their turn to get it.

It is Bella Gelateria. I was able to guess from the line up that Bella Gelateria is the new location of the really famous place downtown that has won gazillions of international gelato awards, including the world championship in Italy.

Meanwhile, a block away from Bell Gelateria, the
formerly extremely busy restaurant, Provence, was totally empty.

And since I am looking at restaurants in my area, this one,
Scieu, is just fabulous. It is behind the Roundhouse near
Davie and Pacific Boulevard and Urban Faire.

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