Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Walk

Click on this to make it larger. This is 15 minutes into
my walk this morning, arriving at English Bay.

This HUGE yacht was tied up at Granville Island.

I saw my first person walking wearing Google Glass and I thought: What  dink!

I saw five otters swimming first thing this morning on my walk — a walk that was five hours long,  and all done in shorts and a t-shirt in 19° weather on October 19th. Some years is has snowed by now.

  • 28,049 steps
  • 20 kilometers
  • 12.46 miles

And my new love—male singer/songwriters—made walking to day a real treat. It may be a big reason I walked so long. I love all my new music by Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini,  Amos Lee, James Morrison, Mic Donet and Nick Howard.

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