Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Fall has come. We've gone from 20° to 11° and it feels now like there will be no going back. So the challenge begins of finding things to do that can be done indoors.

My fingers touch the keys with the familiarity of a blind man. I am so confident with my typing, I can look at the clouds outside my panorama window that are moving across the sky faster than the cars on the road. Typing is as close to meditating as I can get.

I have decided, therefore, to go back to Trudeau, the Felons and Me. I have to have a project and going over my script—particularly the bits in the voice of "special guests"—is a perfect solution given that at some point a workshop is going to happen. But writing may have to wait a bit longer, the wind has blown a hole in the clouds and I might be able to get a good walk in this morning.

Walking and writing: What wonderful addictions to have. What else might I obsess over that begins with "W" I wonder?

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