Thursday, October 30, 2014

Good—No Great!—News

Today, like yesterday, is shockingly warm. Being almost November, your mind makes you dress warmly before going out, so that is what I did yesterday before going to meet Dwight for lunch. And I was stunned to realize I was way too hot. I had to take my coat off and walk in my t-shirt alone—and that was over the bridge where you are exposed to the wind. But I was hot. Today is cloudy, not sunny, but it is just as warm. Yesterday it reached 18°; it was the warmest Nov. 29th in 39 years.

Last night while I was teaching, my phone rang. Hospitals operate on a 24-hour clock and Jane, a physician in the respiratory clinic called to say that the CT scan of my lungs looks "really good," and that they will not do another until a year from now because my "shadow" looks so stable. This is instead of every three months, so bullet dodged.

Also, yesterday I renewed my HIV prescription myself for the first time in 18 years. I did it online. No more going into the hospital for an interview. Progress.

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