Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Penticton (Maybe)

There's a windstorm in Vancouver today.
I am out standing in my field.
I got a contract today from Emily Carr University. It's a great deal. My usual wage for my two-month course, but it's an offer to teach my whole course in four intensive days in Penticton next April. They fly me up and back, put me up in a hotel, give me healthy per diems and a great wage. How could I say  no? (Pending sufficient enrolment, of course.)

After a week with 95% of my voice, I am having a 40% day today. Ain't it always the way. You get better so you stop doing the exercises and you think you are cured and then, wham, a relapse and you are reminded that maintenance is required.

I got an email from Presentation House. I have a meeting there on Nov. 12th, so I have to burn on my re-write in order to get it to Kim early enough ahead of that date for him to read it. He gave me an update on casting and said that a reading in late November or early December is his plan. That's good news to me. I need feedback.

Which do you think is worse, Jian Ghomeshi, being accused of sexual battery or shaming the victim?

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