Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chris' Prayer

A conversation with a friend got me thinking. And what I thought got me thinking about why I thought the way I do and that led to me writing the first prayer I have ever written. I am totally surprised to find myself writing a prayer; I am loving my older age and letting whatever wants to, come out. Here is Chris' prayer:
"Lord, let my deficiencies affect only me and give give everyone around me the desire and courage to make me better by speaking up if and whenever I, in anyway, disappoint them."
This prayer is my essence.  The first part, "let my deficiencies affect only me," comes from living with my mother's mental illness. The second part, "give everyone around me the desire and courage to speak up," comes from a person with no family who really needs his friends.

(That's me on the top of a sand dune in Namibia and let me tell you about having asthma and climbing to the top of a mountain of slippery sand.)

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