Thursday, October 30, 2014

Voice Control

It is tiresome and I suppose I will be doing it forever. It is also weird. Weird, weird, weird. I constantly tug my larynx.

My voice is not great. It isn't horrid like before but it is difficult to speak normally, especially words with a hard "O" sound. But I chugged through my class last night, physically pulling my larynx down every time someone asked a questions or when I took a sip of water. That is my big self-discovered "trick:" I take a sip of water and as my right hand picks up the glass, my left hand hauls my larynx back down to where it should be from the heights of my throat where it likes to go on its own.

It is a constant battle. Doing Trudeau, the Felons and Me next year will be over one hour shorter than teaching a class, thank God. And I will have more tricks by then and I'll do exercises all day before each show to properly prepare. It is only a two-week run.

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