Friday, October 17, 2014

Rainstorm! But it is so weird to go to bed at night in the middle of October with all the windows wide open to keep cool. It is still summer warm day and night.

Be still,  beating heart. Kourosh, handyman #4, was here yesterday to measure for the work to be done on my office.

I started the renovations in February. I had, I thought, a good contract to offer because it involved renovations to my closet, kitchen and office. Neils was first. He came and measured and then a month later called to say he couldn't do the work. Next was Pablo. By then it was mid-March. He came twice to  measure and gave me a date by which he would complete the work. When that date arrived, I called to see where he was. He lied to me.

Next was James. Now it was the beginning of May. He did the kitchen in May, the closet in June and then he very unexpectedly died. I found Kourosh in August but had to wait until now for him to have time to do the work. So soon I will have a totally new office and this tiny room is where I spend probably 80% of my time.

And best of all is that part of the office renovation is having a desk purpose built for the space.

I am entirely smitten with Ed Sheeran and I am developing a relationship with musicians similar to my relationship with authors.

I am one of those people who has to choose a book carefully because all my life I have been unable to quit a book. So I use award lists and reviews by critics I respect to choose. But then, when I read a book that perfectly fits my taste (At Swim, Two Boys; Angle of Repose; Cutting for Stone), I have real trouble finding something to read next—my desire is heighten by the profoundly satisfying read but trying to find something as satisfying is almost impossible.

And my new iPhone had music always at hand so I have become an avid music consumer and with iTunes making purchasing so easy, I am having fun indulging very divergent musical thirsts.

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