Saturday, October 18, 2014


This is out my living room. This is where three
very large towers will  be built.

  1. James Morrison is a Scot troubadour whose voice turns me into a skittish schoolgirl with a crush. I love his voice and so he will accompany me on my seawall walk today.
  2. Tracy, Dianne and Leslie are all reading Uncle Gus' Monkey. I am blessed to have them, as well as Praxis, providing feedback to inform the tweaking of draft two into draft three. Their experienced eyes will give greater objectivity to the quest for the perfect scenario.
  3. I am stunned; gobsmacked, in fact; embarrassed, energized and excited to have 90% of my voice back. This is good enough. I am master of vocal control again and I am humbled by the medical establishment's capacity and service. It is like being the recipient of a miracle.
  4. Half a block away and directly in front of my living room window I can clearly see preparations underway for the development of three massive towers that will block a lot of my light.
  5. I can clearly go back to teaching now that I have these amazing exercises with which to "stay in the light" of speaking, but I don't think I will. There is too much fun to be had and sometime soon a modest inheritance from Rita is due.
  6. Trudeau, the Felons and Me can clearly continue on its path to production in June.

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