Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Days

It is the best of times; it is the best of times. Dickens was wrong.

  1. Last night, friends Ross and Pam took me to dinner at Seasons in the Park restaurant in Queen Elizabeth Park (see above). I walked to meet them in my t-shirt on a hot late afternoon, and we ate on the patio. Imagine that in October. We chose the "old school" restaurant on a whim and it couldn't have been a better idea. We were all thrilled with the evening.
  2. I weighed 78 kilos when I got on the scale this morning. I am very happy about that.
  3. On Friday Sept. 26th, I awoke into an acceptance of my speech impediment. It felt unconscious rather than a conscious decision but I could "feel" the change. This morning I really feel deeper into that acceptance. I now find it more tiresome to always, always be hearing, "What's the matter with your voice?" than to have this voice. I am fine with my voice and the life changes it has brought.
  4. Today and tomorrow are predicted to be summery. Then rain, but it will still be warm so there is still lots of comfortable walking left in the year.
  5. Warren and I have only one more session (or a second short one) before we finish draft two and although I will see him less and that is really sad, it opens the doors to a deeper level of development for Uncle Gus' Monkey. This script will lead to more feedback. And if that leads to more writing, I will be very happy to have the excuse to spend more time with Mr. W.
  6. I have an iPhone 6. That simple sentence will either say nothing to you will totally understand the significance of the understatement. Can you feel the love?

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