Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saturday in the Kitchen

Cottage Pie a la Mexicaine.
Peach and Almond tart.
Yesterday I was reminded about why I do not cook in the summer. Although it is October, cooking all day had me having to have two cool baths—who knew it would be 23° (even without sunshine).

That cottage pie was the killer because I cook everything separately—everything organic from the Farmer's Market. The carrots had a woody taste, the yellow French beans were almost sweet. And what you don't see is all the pesto sauce I made. There is nothing like the smell of fresh basil in the kitchen, and they were selling it for five dollars a bag at the market.

I spent all day alone, so when friend Rob dropped in at about 5:30 I could not get sound out at first. It took, maybe, eight-to-ten sentences before sound would come out eventually it did come. I clearly have better voice days and poorer ones.

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