Friday, October 10, 2014

Walking the Seawall with the Magnificent Chor Leoni

I was up, as usual, very early to a spectacular full moon casting shadows into my living room on a day that was supposed to be cloudy and then rainy. So I decided a walk on the seawall was in order. First I bought two CDs full of music by Chor Leoni and I loaded them onto my iPhone, and then left the house at 7:00 am. Besides being gorgeous and warm, I could pee into the bush right along the walk because there wasn't a soul out with me.

At this point of my walk, I wept at the beauty of the dawn, the beauty of the music and because Dianne Loomer, who founded Chor Leoni and was its conductor until her death, is gone.

I came home up Davie from English Bay past stores that were not yet open and just opening up and I already have a glorious 3-hour walk behind me. And good thing, because the clouds have moved in and it is clearly going to be raining soon.

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