Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday: The Keeper

Today was about getting the supplies to bring idea #3 for the set of my play, Trudeau, the Felons and Me, to fruition. I walked the long way to get the supplies and home on yet another stunning day.

This set idea is of a house with four scenes created by three set pieces that are star-shaped and, when turned, reveal different surfaces through projection or by means of attaching printed panels.

I like this idea best of the three I have built.

So… roof + grass + fence = House, as in Presentation House
the subject of the play. The photo is a projection on a screen
that is on three similar set pieces that have 4 sides.
This side, the paisley, represents the set for the
restoration scenes with paper costumes.
This side is white but could be anything drawn from
the script. This would be the gallery set, to me, with frames.
I've put mirrors on this side, but it would be an image
of the theatre for scenes about the theatre.

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