Monday, November 24, 2014


I am addicted and have been for decades. Once I was a casual Coke drinker and then, at age 45, I had my second heart attack and a diagnosis of Prinzmetal Syndrome which is incurable but benefits from patients constantly taking caffein. I would often forget to take my pills and so it just became easier to constantly drink Coke, but I switched to Diet Coke to avoid the sugar. And,  of course, friends soon started sending me How Coke Will Kill You and How Aspartame Will Kill You articles.

Suddenly on September 10th, I decided to drastically alter my eating when I discovered acid reflux was causing me to lose my voice. How drastic? I have lost 18 pounds since then, but the slide has stopped.

Just as suddenly, on November 22nd, I decided to change my drinking habits—well I could say a bigger change happened quite a while ago when this life-long nondrinker bought a wine cooler and 18 bottles of Champagne, but on that day I decided to change my relationship with Diet Coke. Now, whenever I go to the fridge to refill my glass with DC, I first drink a large glass of cold water and I am extremely pleased with the surge in self-control that seems to have descended upon me.

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