Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday: Conceptualizing the Set for TF&M

My office. This is what I want heaven to look
like. Computer and all the supplies necessary
for making the visions in your brain
comprehensible for others. 

  • It's a play about founding a gallery and a theatre. It's in the theatre, so the set reflects the gallery with the frame.
  • The frame is broken. There is broken glass on the floor and we are seeing "behind the images," "inside the frame."
  • So the two entrances have been made one with a false upstage wall that can be lit with LEDs inside.
  • There will be LEDs on the back of the frame as well that lights the white front of the false upstage wall
  • There is blood on the floor because there is so much intrigue (the restoration scenes)
  • The frame will be white.
  • There will be three white chairs, a home for each of the three actors
  • The pillar supports a major prop.
  • (The floor and upstage wall are to scale.)
  • (There will be no rubber bands. They are holding the frame I made together.)
  • (I hope to score real broken glass from a glazier replacing a storefront window.)
  • (Everything is subject to Kim's approval. But this is a beginning.)

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