Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Morning With Vivicean

This is a first draft and about three-and-a-half hours work.
To make the final wigs will be very time consuming.
And that is exactly what I want—something to do
that takes up hours of my time. I love retirement.
Adding the curls down the back.

Vivicean is a character in my play, Trudeau, the Felons and Me. Her name comes from an amalgamation of two words: vivisection and obscene. Vivisection, in case you don't know, is surgical experimentation on living animals which is an obscene act to my sensibilities. So Vivicean is a horrid character and therefore delicious to write.

This morning—beginning, as usual, at 4:00 am—was my morning to begin experimenting with building her wig. I bought a theatrical bald cap to put on a styrofoam head yesterday, so I could experiment a little with building it. (It shows in the photo but it will be trimmed on the final version.) And as with set designing, I have only my imagination to serve me in the absence of any training or experience.

This wig will go with her paper costume. The big decision ahead of me is whether or not to make both Vivicean's and Basil's costumes and wigs in white or coloured paper.

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