Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Seawall Walk

What a great day this has been. First of all is is a stunningly beautiful day. A walk on the seawall had to happen. But it is closed under the bridge whilst some work is being done, so one has to portage over the hill and down the other side to rejoin the wall.

As usual, I over-dressed. I had to put my coat in my backpack because it was too warm to wear it. A nice problem for mid-November. And all this week is projected to be like today.

I called my ex, Steve, on FaceTime and he saw the view on my walk. And then writing partner, Warren, called and he is coming by for a consult on next steps for our screenplay. I am excited.

And on the way home, I stopped in at the wine store and voilĂ , my champagne was in and all eighteen demi bottles fit in my wine cooler built for 12 fill-size bottles. Yay!
Do I not live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

Selfies record what I am wearing on what date;
this year has been extraordinarily warm so far.

My stash is in my new wine cooler now.

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