Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday: Seawall Walk With a Bang

I am so happy to be at home with warm dry feet.  Yesterday the temperature reached 13° and set new records for warmth on that day. Today broke clear and much colder. Both the water and the air were cold.

It started off so calmly on the south side of the park.
But you may notice that today is one of the highest
tides of the year.
The wind and light made the ocean look green.
A ferry going into the harbour for repairs.
The lead tug was working backwards.
At Prospect Point a huge wave soaked me with
frigid water up to my knees. My feet were COLD!
It was to be merely the first time of many
inundations during the last half of my walk.

Debris was everywhere or there was absolutely
nothing. Everything having been washed into
the ocean. Earthworms were everywhere.
Sea foam.

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sos said...

WOW, great photos catching the waves in the air. Wish I would have been there, miss Vancouver.