Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I got a new "chandelier" for my dining area.
It is Ash wood, woven into a nice shape and
is perfect for my all-blonde-wood decor.
The roof of my set design for Trudeau is now open
instead of a solid sheet (for the lighting designer).

One of my students at Emily Carr was Tracy McMenemy. She took my class to transition out of her screenwriting career so when I decided to write Uncle Gus' Monkey, she came to mind as a resource and so I approached her and yesterday I heard from her. She will give Warren and I a written response to our script next week.

The Praxis evaluation has no due date. I have written to them to ask when we will get their evaluation but no word has come back as yet. I will call today because we are getting so close to pitching to Out TV. Warren wants to do the pitch before his run in Mary Poppins resumes at the Arts Club.

All this means I can expect several things in the next few weeks: First, Rita's probate will likely arrive and that will release the funds to her beneficiaries (including me); Second, two professional evaluations of our screenplay should arrive and the pitch will be done by Warren.

Warren is coming here for dinner on Thursday and we will  have all night to talk about our project and our plans.

Regarding the sentence above. I still remember my friend Bruce telling me about a new talent in town with a fabulous voice who was debuting at the Arts Club where Bruce is musical director. It was Warren. And I remember the first time I saw and heard him and joking with Bruce afterward that he was my new boyfriend. I melted hearing him sing the songs so beautifully and the first production of the show he was doing, Jacques Brel, was my first professional show. It was very emotional for me.

After that, Warren was a marked man in my heart so I just about lost my skin when Shawn, the director of my show Knock Knock hired Warren to be in it. I was so excited I was going to meet the man and now, here we are, writing a post on the day before he comes here to my house for dinner. We've come a long way, baby.

I got a big bottle of champagne with which to toast him tomorrow night, for bringing so my joy and opportunity and fulfilment into my life. And…. during our run of Knock Knock, it was he who always rescued me when I would blank on my lines. He was my rescuer and you passionately love your rescuer.

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