Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tonight's National News +++

Wow. I was on the CBC National News tonight. I was also on three provincial newscasts and the radio all day long. Plus I had a meeting with Presentation House and, I am proud and delighted to say, I will be designing my show (with guidance), bringing an idea that Kim liked to life. Plus I taught a particularly demanding 3-hour class (on the artist/gallerist relationship). As I write this, I have been up 19 hours.

Have you ever heard yourself on a tape and had a profoundly negative response to the sound of your own voice? I certainly have. Well seeing yourself on TV is ten times worse. After seeing myself the first time on the news, I wanted to move to Alaska and change my name, become a woman and change my name or somehow otherwise disappear and change my name.

Here is a link to the broadcast. Use your cursor to go to the very end. I am the last item on the news.

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