Saturday, November 15, 2014

By Friday Night ….

In one day, Kourosh transformed by office with work done at a cabinetry shop. And while he worked, I tried another idea for a set for Trudeau, the Felons and Me (that Dwight thinks is too much). "Less is more," he said when he saw it. "Trust your stores," he said.

All the nasty metal extruded metal frames of the windows are gone. Instead I have nice warm wood framing my gorgeous view of the Davie village and English Bay.

Look at that pristine surface like a nice clean page in a new exercise book at school. Today I will get a desk pad to make sure I don't damage that surface right away.

This is a new concept for the set. The idea is "the artist's atelier."
Kim, the director, kept referencing "the artist's journey' as part of his directorial take in our discussions, so....
  • the book is my diary, artists come out of it. The diary entries permeate the script.
  • the yellow ball hanging in the air (on a wire) has a light inside. When I snap my fingers, it blinks.
  • the idea too, is that the theatre was built with found materials; so would this set be 
  • the text on the pages of the diary would be white-washed faint and projections would be over top.

And I have one more concept to build. Then I will have made three moquettes and friends will be able to vote.

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