Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mr. Skibinski

I had to teach tonight at Emily Carr from 6:30 to 9:30. At four o'clock I got an email from the school:
Today we heard about the death of John Skibinski, who passed away after a very brief illness.  John has been a familiar presence at Emily Carr for many years.  He contributed to many departments and since 2009 has been a dedicated member of Continuing Studies.  As a community, we mourn the passing of a kind and vibrant person who we were privileged to know. He was a true friend to many and his smile and positive outlook were an inspiration.  In times like these we need to support one another, and especially our colleagues in Continuing Studies.  
John was a good friend and neighbour; we often had dinners together. He was relentlessly funny and charming and he was my favourite colleague at school. He was only fifty-five and he died from complications arising from the flu. The flu!

I was numb going to school, walking terribly slowly and not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. I couldn't concentrate or remember things. Teaching was torture. I am gutted.

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