Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Morning

  1. My champagne cooler is coming this morning. Those who know me have been rather dumbfounded to hear that I, age 66 and and with a life-long reputation as a non-drinker, have bought a wine cooler. But it will store the 20 bottles of Gaston Chiquet champagne I have ordered and that is due to arrive any day. I get 1/2 bottles that are just perfect for friends to enjoy with me before going out for dinner.
  2. And speaking of going out for dinner…. I have made reservations at Hawksworth, voted Vancouver's best restaurant, for my birthday dinner in December and I have invited my friends Costin and Marina who took me to Le Crocodile recently. They will come here for champagne before we go to eat.
  3. I went to see Snapshots on Saturday night. It is a musical pastiche by Stephen Schwartz. The best part, was seeing Warren, and the worst part was seeing Warren. Okay, I'm totally prejudiced, I think he has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. But I cam not alone there; he's done a world tour of Cats and has a long and accomplished international resumé. And to see him performing in one of this city's smallest places in a supporting role is just shocking—especially when the lead male singer is (to me) woefully inadequate for the role.
  4. This morning I stepped on the (incredibly accurate digital) scale and I weighted in at 74 kilos. I decided to lose weight starting on Sept. 7th; then, I weighed, 86 kilos. I basically just stopped eating bread and sweets and reduced my volumes of food and I said, at the time, I would party on the day I saw 74 kilos on time dial, so I guess today is a day to party.

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