Friday, November 21, 2014


I have been awakened by building the three maquettes for the set for my play. Writing is 2-D, set designing is 3-D and working in three dimensions is profoundly fulfilling. It is like being a kid again. Building sets feels like play. And this morning I am off to get styrofoam heads to have on hand so that I can play with paper of differing colours and textures to create the paper wigs for two characters in the play.

And in the ensuing months, I will build a large model house —a miniature version of the real Presentation House. The model is a major prop in the play. And then, with Jane, and once we know the cast, we will start creating the paper costumes.

The awakening is to the thrill of working with my hands (to do something other than type). It is even more fun that writing, and when I have so many constructive things to do with my hands I don't need television or books or movies or anything else. My awakening has me wanting to keep making more things.

But … and there always seems to be a "but"… but I also love the extra "hit" I feel from making things to fit into a story I have written so I have awakened today with a desire to concoct yet another play that will allow me to make things. I wonder if I can do that?

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