Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Woo Hoo, Wig Two

My first wig is visible here. This is #2. All designs may get used. I may not have to choose as there are two scenes. But I have at least one more wig to go. I seem to always like making three models as I did with the set. This is another design for Lady Vivicean Ferret; I am compelling myself to work in paper.

Starting out… an Elizabethan shape for a base
made, largely, out of tissue paper that is covered
in crepe paper streamer. 
The curls are made of finer tissue paper.
The rubber base is trimmed when finished. 
Weaving tissue paper and gluing (and getting
sticky fingers) makes tissue weaving hard. I
chose to weave a hair cone for this wig.
The finished wig. She is a ridiculous person.
Why not go crazy?

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