Friday, July 24, 2015

Action Taken

 It’s raining—not hard—but actual real sustained rain. It is so welcome after so long.

#1 is a condo building the began construction just this month.
#2 is a site on which 3 towers will be built over 2 years. One tower is 64 floors.
#3 is the site of a proposed 30-storey building.
#4 is the site on which core drilling has just begun. It is this building
that was the straw that broke this camel's back.
#5 is a proposed 40-storey office building.
#6 is St. Paul's Hospital. It is leaving and the site will become condos. 

I have to move. I have no option. I have to give up an absolutely perfect condo because on three sides of my building there is, and will be for many years, loud and dirty big construction projects.

I love every square centimeter of my place because I have decorated every square centimeter. And although no gay man should say this: I am particularly in love with my closets. I had both closets completely rebuilt to my design. And my spice rack; oh my God, people take photos of it. I cannot imagine life without it.

I will dearly miss my spectacular Maple floor that is so incredibly solid under my feet. I had the concrete here ground to perfect flatness before the floor was installed so it is solid, smooth and gorgeous … and I am leaving it. Pooey.

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