Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moving Along….

I had a wonderful Monday night with Gerrie who worked for me in the 1980s and with whom I have casually stayed in touch since. Gerrie is a Jungian psychologist who is passionate about her work; we enjoy talking about human behavior—theory and our own.

Last night we drank an entire bottle of champagne together, went to dinner at a fabulous new Mexican diner and then we came back to my condo for dessert. And from the emails I got yesterday, I know she had as much fun as I did. I have a new friend and I am excited.

And I have applied to audit a UBC Religious Studies graduate student seminar group thanks to an opportunity afforded by an acquaintance. This group and Gerrie afford me extraordinary opportunities to talk with knowledgeable people about the things I ponder whilst walking. How great is that? They are idea mentors for my late-life non-crisis.

Check out the super-long candles!
IKEA is a long way away but yesterday I enjoyed a brief walk in the glorious sunshine to my local subway station and took the subway to a deep into Richmond (Aberdeen) where a bus was waiting to go the 13 stops to where I got off to walk five blocks to IKEA. I got my candles and a bunch of fun unnecessary other things and walked back to where I was to catch the bus home and, yet again, a bus was waiting.

I got back to the subway and waited only 3 minutes for my train and as I walked back home, I thought I life was perfect. Our transit system gets such flack, but I think it is awesome. Then I walked the wall on another inspiring day came home and ate too much.

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