Sunday, July 5, 2015


The top photos are how the sky looked this morning. The lower photo is
later this afternoon as I finished my walk. Between the thick smoke high
overhead this morning and the low smoke late this afternoon, there was a
break so that I could walk the wall without any concern for my breathing.

Holy shit! The air is so thick with smoke that I can only see about four blocks from my windows on the 7th floor of my building. Now I know why the sky was yellow/orange this morning. When you are outside, it smells like when I was young and everyone had open fires in the Fall after all the leaves come off the trees.

I have lived in Vancouver all my life except a few. I was born here and have never seen a May and June so dry or smoke in the city like this. The worst may be yet to come. That could so easily be the case because June is often, if not usually, a wet month, whereas July and the first two weeks of August are often without any rain.


Now the air smells strongly of smoke and it is blue.
Now (@ 4:16) I can only see two blocks!!

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