Thursday, July 2, 2015

Canada Day & Heaven

Finishing my walk at 9:00 am this morning in Stanley Park.
This tranquility looks like how I feel inside.

Yesterday, Canada Day, I walked the wall nice and early but it was crowded. Later, I went to a picnic with friends in Queen Elizabeth Park. It was very hot and humid; the weather has become a conversational cliché.

Today’s I walk was as good as it gets. Everyone used all their energies for the holiday yesterday, so the wall was almost empty this morning. I was tempted to walk it twice, but I know I cannot do that any more. I may walk it again tonight though.

This afternoon I am making a spicy tuna salad and my first blueberry tart. Cooking is a really satisfying creative outlet.

I am a new man living in bliss. It’s no wonder I don’t ever want to leave. I live in a condo wherein every square centimeter is my design, and I love it. And I can get everything I need within a few blocks easily; life is excellent without a car but as a member of the car co-op.

And a year ago this month, I changed my relationship with food. I started eating less and healthier food because I was eating for emotional reasons. I lost 35 pounds and gained a new and more positive sense of self…. and a new wardrobe and sense of style.

And best of all, I feel free of the compulsion to create for an audience. I will continue to create, I know, but for myself. I have matured; sometimes pigs do fly. I absolutely love not having a project; I am free to do as I please and I like it.

In winter, it will be harder, but these past two months of endless sunshine has allowed me to live an ideal lifestyle. I am going to do my best to extend it endlessly.

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